Dear MDI,

I indeed do have to write a special report on this storm affecting the region, as this situation has grown serious. I will in this special report include timing, preciptation types and amounts, and what this means for a snow day.

This storm is one like no other. Even models are baffled on where to put this, as this storm fits no criteria. It isn’t a nor’easter, it isn’t an Alberta Clipper, it’s not normal. But models have tried their best, and I will give a timeline of this storm.

2:00PM: Snow starts falling, light at first.

Monday Evening Commute: Snow will be light, generally making the roads wet but not slippery.

9PM: An inch has fallen at this point, and the storm begins to pick up in intensity.

3-4AM: Storm rapidly picks up in intensity. This is where we could see a wintry mix come into the picture.

7AM: The storm reaches it’s peak, with snowfall rates of an inch an hour.

Tuesday Morning Commute: Snowfall and wintry mix will be the worst at this time. It is generally advised to not travel during this period, or if you must, travel with extreme caution.

11AM-12PM: The storm begins to lift off, with snowfall slowing down.

Tuesday Afternoon Commute: Snowfall will still be lifting off, so still travel with an air of caution. Maitenence crews might still be working, so pay attention.

5PM: Snowfall ends.

Accumulation rates still vary, but I’ll give a general synopsis at this point, which is 5-8 inches. This rate could vary, so stay tuned to forecasting. There also could be an ice accumulation of around a tenth of an inch.

This, in my opinion, generally means a snow day for Tuesday.

Stay safe in the following days MDI, and I’ll see you for a follow-up report on Wednesday.

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